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We are SO Happy to be able to share with you the brilliance of THRIVE LIFE freeze dried foods so that you're not only eating better every day, but you're saving time in the kitchen while you're doing it, and saving money on your grocery budget too.

I'll admit it. My first attraction to THRIVE LIFE was the long term shelf life of the food. Our main objective in bringing it into our home was to top up, and improve the quality of our food "storage", but within a very short amount of time we realized that incorporating THRIVE freeze dried food into our daily meal plans made a big difference to the quality of our meals, our overall health, and the biggest surprise of all - even our grocery budget. No small thing! We found that the accessibility and convenience made it easier to eat more fruits and vegetable than we normally took the time to do. And we drastically reduced the amount of food we threw out. These were all very big bonuses. 

The 25 year shelf life, and high nutritional quality of THRIVE LIFE freeze dried fruits and vegetables may have been huge factors in our decision to start using it, but it was the convenience and affordability of a Brilliant auto-ship program called THE Q - that were the deal-makers. 

Lets face it, we all EAT. And we spend a lot of money in the grocery store. Did you know that over 30% of your grocery purchases are
impulse buys? Things that we didn't plan to
buy, don't need and alot of the time, wish we hadn't purchased. 

With the convenience of "the Q", we can order our groceries and have them shipped directly to our door on a monthly basis. HELLO!
This has saved me tons of time at the grocery store. And tons of money, 
Having my groceries delivered right to my front door, has not only streamlined my shopping experience, simplified my life, and reduced my dependence on the grocery store, but the biggest surprise of all - it has saved us considerably on our monthly grocery bill. 

I love helping others discover the goodness of THRIVE FOODS and the convenience of the Q, It's like rediscovering it all over again - through someone else.  

Knowing that THRIVE LIFE can help others we care about was a huge emphasis in our decision to become involved as consultants, and continues to be the strongest motivating factor. THRIVE LIFE can help you
1) eat more nutritiously,
2) save time in the kitchen,
3) eliminate most of your kitchen waste,
4) save money on your grocery budget,
5) create a Home-Store to end your dependance on running to the grocery store so often, and
6) accomplish your 'food-storage' goals in your effort to become self reliant

This is a wonderful thing to be part of. 

It seems almost too good to be true doesn't it? Yeah, I know. Well, they say that seeing is believing but in this case "Tasting" is believing. It doesn't matter how good for you a food is, if it doesn't taste good - no one's gonna eat it. There is only one way to taste the food and that is to get close to it. If you would like to learn more, or book an In-Home Tasting with your friends, or give the Q a trial run we're happy to help! Click on the appropriate links. If you have any questions, we want to hear from you.

Click HERE to find out what makes THRIVE Freeze Dried Foods so wonderful, and Welcome to a whole New World!
Want to go one step further - and become a THRIVE CONSULTANT? We'd love to have you. 
Click JOIN MY TEAM to find out more.

THRIVE LIFE: "Helping people become more self reliant, prosperous, and charitable."








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10 Easy Healthy Eating Tips to Kick Off Spring

April 8, 2017

so ... your New Year's resolution was to eat healthier. Yeh! Me too. Aaaaand so here we are. I haven't done half bad actually, but for me, SPRING is the time I feel that motivation to Do Better, Be Better. Spring is all about Renewel! Its the time when most of us start feeling better about life. The day is longer, the sun is brighter. Its warmer outside (the ice is gone) so we can go for nice walks. 
But let's be real, changing our eating habits can be difficult. We're talking 'life-style" here. Whether your reason is to lose weight, have more energy or just to eat healthier, here are some tips to make it easier.

1. while it is tempting to skip meals, don't fall for it. Image result for skipping meals
Fasting slows your metabolism right down, and what happens then? When you finally do eat, your body stores everything as fat. It back fires. Aside from the feeling of being denied, and then not making the best food choices afterward, your body adjusts to a 'conserve energy' condition.
Much better to maintain regular but managed meals.

2. step up the vegetable intake.
Most North Americans do not eat even half of the recommended 9-12 daily servings of fruits and vegetables. It has never been easier than now with 28 options for vegetable. No washing, peeling, chopping or cooking. Decide now to try one new recipe a week using THRIVE Freeze Dried vegetables.

Meet your new best friend: the THRIVE LIFE Recipe Site.

3. master make ahead mealsImage result for meal in a jar
With a bit of planning you can enjoy easy-to-prepare, but super nutritious meals that are heavy on the vegetables. Decide now to try one new recipe a week that can be converted into a "Meal in a Jar". Get to know your new best friend: The THRIVE LIFE Recipe Site.
Type Meal in a Jar into the search bar.

4. think ahead about snack time
and plan for it. Instead of crunching your way thru a bag of chips at lunch time or, chocolate chips at night, satisfy midday hunger and night time cravings with healthy options that are ready at your finger tips. THRIVE LIFE SNACKIES are portion controlled, healthy choices of crunchy fruits, vegetables and dairy. But lets face it, sometimes a craving gets the better of us. If you could make 3 cookies instead of a whole batch, or a single serving of brownie instead of a whole pan - wouldn't you eat a lot less? Check out the THRIVE LIFE Bakery Line to satisfy the craving while staying in control. 

5. getting a good night's sleep,
is an important step in eating less. It seems almost contrary, but studies show we consume more in the way of unhealthy calories when we are short on sleep. 

6. give your fridge and pantry a makeover.
Seriously, take control of your kitchen starting with your fridge. Be firm! 

7. make a shopping list and stick to it. To combat the takeout-urge, stock your pantry with healthy staples for healthy dinners.  Aim for recipes that you can make in 30 minutes or less, and be sure you have all the ingredients for at least five meals on hand at all times. Go back to your new BFF the THRIVE LIFE Recipe Site for quick + easy, nutritious meals. Shop by recipe.   

8. boost your BROCCOLI intake. Image result for broccoli

Broccoli is high in many nutrients, including fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron and potassium, and contains more protein than most other vegetables. As a "cruciferous" vegetable, related to cabbage, kale, cauliflower and brussels sprouts, it is rated as a "super vegetable". It is recommended we eat at least one serving of cruciferous vegetables every day. Most broccoli we buy in the produce department of our local grocery store (the "fresh" stuff right?) was picked a shocking 2 - 3 weeks ago. Especially if you live in Canada and are buying broccoli in April. Nutrients start to diminish within hours of harvest. Our nutritional expectation of "fresh" broccoli that we buy in the grocery store, should be lots lower than it is. THRIVE LIFE Freeze Dried Broccoli was picked ripe - when the vital nutrients are maximized, and flash frozen within 2-12 hours of harvest! I know! That is AMAZING! The only freshness that's gonna beat that, is fresh right outta your backyard garden. 
In that frozen state it is transferred to a facility where it has all the remaining moisture removed through a vacumn process called sublimation. No heat. Original Nutrional Value INTACK. Best food ever. When you eat THRIVE LIFE Freeze Dried Broccoli, you are quite simply eating the Best broccoli on the market. You don't get much better than Best. 

9. get back to SOUP. 
Soup is a hearty, comfort food that has endless possibilities. You can eat soup every single day for a month and never have the same one twice. If you stay away from cream bases for the most part, soup can be a low calorie, satisfying meal that is perfect to take for lunch the next day. Bulk up on vegetables in your favourite soup recipes.

10. skip the meat once in a while.  
You can 'beef-up' your meals without the beef! It is good to give your body a break from tough-to-digest meats once in a while. Vegetarian meals can be flavourful, filling and the perfect hearty meal to welcome them home on a cold winter day.


Cindy Suelzle 
THRIVE LIFE Consultant

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